About Sportnutritionlaboratory

What do we do?

SNL is founded by professionals in the sports nutrition sector, who are aware of a need to offer quality-tested supplements that until now were not available for third-party supplement manufacturers.

SNL’s function is to innovate, so we make products in a safe and efficient way, manufacturing sports supplements that we have designed with the highest standards of quality.

In SNL we work to achieve the satisfaction of our clients and thus contribute to the well-being not only of the sports sector, but of anyone who wants to take care of their wellbeing.

1-The client transmits the need for a product, for example whey protein or BCAA amino acids.

2-Our quality and innovation team studies and formulates an initial mix that meets the needs of the customer. Meanwhile, our design team makes the commercial image of the product in the format chosen.

3-Different tastes tests are made if necessary, as well as dissolution, etc.

4-Once approved by the client, we go with the production in chain, with sanitary requirements, protection of samples, etc.

5-In record time, our customer has his product with its own brand in the market, with the best quality standards.

High quality products

SNL, as a company of development, manufacture and marketing of food supplements, is quickly recognized by its customers, being a manufacturer of herbal dietetic committed to the highest quality in its products and the constant improvement in all variants of their activities and operations. To achieve this, SNL is committed to:

To manufacture sports nutrition in a safe and efficient way, manufacturing the products that have been designed with the highest standards of quality.
Quality: we demand to our management, high quality standards and continuous improvement to offer the best quality in our products.

Commitment-in SNL we always work to achieve the satisfaction of our clients, through the fulfillment of their requirements as well as the legal requirements that apply to our activity and other requirements of interested parties.
Creativity-We have a department of innovation where every day we seek new formulas with aromas, sweeteners and optimal mixes to meet the needs of our customers in the manufacture.
The above values are assumed by each and every one of the workers that are part of our organization, in order to offer our clients products and service of excellence.


At SNL we are experts in manufacturing, among other products, the following:

Herbal diet manufacture , in different formats.
Manufacture of proteins, as concentrated or isolated from whey, in different percentages, sizes and flavors.
Manufacture carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
Manufacture of supplements such as Omega 3, Bcaa…..

Laboratory whey protein concentrated and isolated whey protein (plus 15 flavors)
Manufacture BCAA powder or capsules, in formats from 8:1:1 to 2:1:1
BCAA + glutamine Capsus or powder
BCAA + glutamine + Tauryna Capsus
Manufacturing Glutamine Capsules

Taurine Capsules
Creatine Monohydrate Capsules or powder
Stack Pre-powder
Carbo in pure powder or Carbo + Whey
Capsule Slimming Supplement
Fat Burner/Termogenico Capsules
Multivitamin Capsules

Sport Nutrition Laboratory has been founded by experienced professionals in the sector of sports supplements manufacturers. Thanks to this, the whole team has enough knowledge to put the company at the top in terms of the level of quality of its products. The raw materials are acquired, from the outset, from the most prestigious manufacturers, and all production processes are adhere to standards that ensure a very high level of professionalism. In this way, all the possible errors that can arise in the beginnings of a corporation are eliminated, and that is that none of the steps that we have given has been improvised.

Currently, the amount of possibilities that sports supplement brands have to buy products already manufactured is enormous. The sector has grown at a very high rate and, as a result, it has been able to innovate and move forward a lot. But there is a negative part to this, because over-supply can often lead to mistakes.

One of the most common has to do with the loyalty in the commercial relations between the firms, that sell their products to the public, and the companies manufacturers, that they supply them of them. When problems arise and changes are made, there is a risk that consumers will not accept the variations that may derive from these movements. Thus, finding a manufacturer of sports supplements that ensures high quality becomes a priority for any brand, as it would provide a very valuable stability.

On the other hand, the question of the capacity to adapt these types of companies to the needs of their customers is another pillar that supports a good business relationship. Promotions, different ranges of products, variations in packaging, flavors and a long etcetera, constitute the day-to-day stores of sports nutrition products; Obviously, all these variables have to be supported by a manufacturer who hears their proposals and carries them out quickly and efficiently. It is no good to have a very active marketing team if, when it comes to implementing their projects, the manufacturers do not have enough flexibility to modify the production processes and comply with the established plan.

With these two very present ideas, at Sport Nutrition Laboratory we focus all our efforts on the same goal: to work for the client. The task becomes much simpler when you have the experience and knowledge necessary to be aware of how to avoid the most common mistakes.

A laboratory of sports supplements with a quality seal

As already mentioned, we are very clear that the quality of our products is the key to success in relations with our clients, and that is that satisfaction is translated directly into a stability that allows us to focus on moving forward as a company.

In addition, the current situation in the world of nutrition allows products with an overwhelming variety to be manufactured in the same sports supplements laboratory. Technological and scientific advances do not stop growing, and Sport nutrition Laboratory has not been left behind.

Flexibility and adaptation, two indispensable values

Once an optimum level of quality has been assured, it is only necessary to put our work at the service of your needs. To do this, we have designed a production process that allows maximum flexibility.